Global Partners

Global Partners

We are privileged to have partners worldwide who have supported us through all these years and in effect contributed to building up the Simex Group to what it is today.
We are always on the lookout for business partners all over the globe with whom we can establish new and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Les Fragrances SRL

Franco Marchetti, Michele Brunelli

Les Fragrances S.R.L. was established in 1998. Collaborating with all the major brands in Italy, Les Fragrances S.R.L. has grown to be a reputable name in the Beauty and Cosmetics retail industry. Since 1999 Les Fragrances S.R.L. has been working closely with Simex Trading AG and is now part of the Simex Group.

Zino Cosmetics Canada

Horst Heidenreich, Andre Heidenreich

Zino Cosmetics was established in 1987 and has grown into a leading importer and exporter of fine cosmetics, perfumes and colognes. Having moved its head office to North America in 2000, Zino has exported into various countries around the world. Believing that service, price and expediency should be the core values of its business, Zino Cosmetics has grown into a world leader in their field.